The Sea and Little Fishes by Terry Pratchett, a Discworld short from the Legends compilation

This was a very fun little story.  I have not read Pratchett, but this book indicates his fantasy is more of an ironic satire of fantasy than a serious fantasy, and this story is likely a nice example.  The characters are deep and real, a handful of witches attending the annual witching get-together and competition.  Granny Weatherwax is apparently the most talented of them by far, and also a mean, driven, cold, intense mature woman.  I guess she is the hero of a series of his novels, a mean witch who does what is right but definitely steps on toes and doesn’t apologize or explain herself, and is powerful enough that she doesn’t have to.  I’m glad fantasy has someone talented writing satire perhaps akin to Douglas Adam’s works in the sci-fi realm, but I have no interest in reading fantasy satire at this point, preferring the more classical forms.  I do appreciate his characterizations, humor, and tone in this piece, and am glad to have read it.  I definitely understand why it merited inclusion in this compendium of ‘Legends’.


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